Mindfully Well is the Australian distributor for the Human Charger® - the Valkee Light Therapy device

“The human brain, per se, is sensitive to light”

This hypothesis was the starting point of Valkee science and research, in joint cooperation with researcher groups of University of Oulu, Finland, in 2007.Bright light is a generally accepted and effective treatment for a variety of mood swings and especially for winter depression. However, the mechanisms of the effects of light are not entirely known.

The Valkee studies, all placebo-controlled since mid-2012, focus on the responses and applications of transcranial bright light (TBL).

The Valkee researchers have discovered the following: Human brain responds to light when it’s administered directly through the ear canalValkee alleviates the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)Valkee improves cognitive performanceValkee improves motor reaction timeValkee reduces acutely anxiety symptomsAt Mindfully Well, we have Valkee devices available for purchase.

Prices alter due to the changing rate of exchange, so please call the office to enquire about device availability and cost.

Your Valkee can be easily shipped anywhere in Australia for the low price of $15 p&h.

The Science of Bright Light

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by a lack of exposure to enough light. It is characterised by the recurrence of depressive symptoms in addition to an increased need for sleep, ongoing fatigue, craving for carbohydrates and increased weight gain over the winter months.Over a four week trial Valkee proved effective minimum of 50% reduction in depressive symptoms in approximately 75% of the trial population.

The Valkee really works! It is just as effective as traditional light lamps, but delivered over a much shorter time period.

Just set the alarm 10 minutes earlier - pop it in your ears and it helps you to 'wake up'. Fabulous for those of us who are also 'time poor'.

For more detailed scientific research results download the 'Research Summary' below.

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